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Are there any noteworthy blockchain-scaling solutions?

Over the past couple of years, a number of firms have worked to solve scalability issues that have plagued the crypto sector.

The latest tech creation by vCPU: LiquidApps is a horizontal scaling solution that has been designed to allow developers to gain access to a greater supply of decentralized computation power by tasking decentralized application, (DApp) service providers to read on-chain requests, perform processing and return results to the requesting DApp. One of the biggest selling points of vCPU is its ability to enable DApps to choose the level of trustlessness that is appropriate and suitable as per the needs and requirements of a particular use case. 

Another example is EOS. The core goal of EOS is to tackle many of the industry’s existing scalability issues. The main point of difference of EOS with vCPU is its parallel processing technology that is made possible through the use of certain elements related to vertical scaling (i.e., adding processing power).

On the other hand, Temtum’s temporal protocol ensures that data can be shared among nodes even if the current node does not have the required storage space to hold the full blockchain — thereby reducing the entry barrier for new nodes joining the network. 

The cost of entry to participate in the network is low, thus the amount of resources needed to run nodes is low, making it possible to fully utilize the capabilities of otherwise idle nodes (something most cryptocurrencies are currently unable to do), thereby increasing the overall performance.

Other relevant examples include Ziliqa, ETH 2.0, an Iota.

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