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What is Stacked Area Graph in Data Visualization

Stacked Area Graphs work in the same way as simple Area Graphs do, except for the use of multiple data series that start each point from the point left by the previous data series. The entire graph represents...

What is Spiral Plot in Data Visualization?

Spiral Plots are ideal for showing large data sets, usually to show trends over a large time period. This makes Spiral Plots great for displaying periodic patterns. This type of visualisation plots time-based...

What is a Scatterplot in Data Visualization

Scatterplots use a collection of points placed using Cartesian Coordinates to display values from two variables. By displaying a variable in each axis, you can detect if a relationship or correlation between...

Category - Data Visualization

Data visualization is the graphic representation of data. It involves producing images that communicate relationships among the represented data to viewers of the images.

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