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Product Management for AI & Data Science

Product Management for AI & Data Science Course

We’ve been developing this project for a while, and finally, the time has come to launch our newest collaboration with an acknowledged expert in the field of AI and data science.

We’re happy to announce the release of Product Management for AI & Data Science with Danielle Thé.

Danielle Thé is a Senior Product Manager for Machine Learning with a Master’s in Science of Management. She boasts years of experience as a Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager in the tech industry for companies like Google and Deloitte Digital.

In this course, she will teach you everything you need for a successful career as a Product Manager for AI and data science.

You will learn the expert skills needed to manage the development of successful A.I. products: from defining the role of a product manager and making the difference between a product and a project manager, through executing business strategy for AI and data science, to sourcing data for your projects and understanding how this data needs to be managed.

Danielle will take you through the full lifecycle of an AI or data science project in a company. What is more, she will illustrate how to manage data science and AI teams, improve communication between team members, and how to address ethics, privacy, and bias.

This 12-part course gives you access to over 60 lessons, each paired with resources, notes or articles that complement the notions covered. You’ll also practice with quizzes, assignments and projects to put what you’ve learned into action.

Product Management for AI & Data Science is part of the 365 Data Science Online Program, so existing subscribers can access the courses at no additional cost. To learn more about the course curriculum or subscribe to the Data Science Online Program, please visit our Courses page.

Happy Learning!

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