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See and understand your data securely with Tableau Mobile

Mobile apps are not only used for communication and commerce, but have become critical to maintaining workforce productivity, collaboration, and business continuity. Within organizations, this has increased the importance for IT admins to create an effective mobile deployment strategy to manage devices and configure apps. Enterprise users also expect more secure, trusted mobile apps to do work and complete their projects.

Organizations and IT departments use various strategies to distribute mobile apps to their users. Enterprise Mobility Management platforms (EMMs) help govern the use of mobile devices that need access to corporate resources by distributing applications, data, and configuration settings, as well as by defining enterprise-wide rules for security policies, device encryption, and more.

With company-issued phones and tablets, it is easier to ensure that devices meet the enterprise-wide security standards. But in the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scenario and the “new normal” of working from home, it’s more challenging to enforce these requirements. Plus, employees use many different personal device types, install a myriad of apps, and connect from varied, often unsecured, home Wi-Fi networks.

At Tableau, we know that enterprise security is paramount and the foundation of an organization’s success with any mobile deployment—after all, trust is our #1 core value. Previously, Tableau Mobile has been available to deploy using the Mobile Device Management (MDM) approach in which organizations control the entire mobile device, letting administrators remotely monitor, update and remove any applications and data. Using AppConfig customizations on EMM platforms such as BlackBerry Dynamics, Microsoft Intune, MobileIron, VMware AirWatch, and Citrix Endpoint Management, you can customize the Tableau Mobile experience, including sign in, and provide additional security and governance controls.

However, with the increasing trend of BYOD, more organizations want to deploy their mobile solutions using a managed-app (versus device) approach, usually referred to as Mobile Application Management (MAM). With MAM, administrators control and update specific applications, leaving personal applications and data untouched. To enable enterprise customers with this approach, we have recently released MAM versions for the Tableau Mobile for BlackBerryTableau Mobile for Intune and Tableau Mobile for Workspace ONE apps on the iOS platform.

New capabilities for a more powerful analytics experience on mobile devices

These apps include a newer design that is intuitive, fast, and provides the latest functionality with mobile enterprise security built into its core. It’s a significant improvement that makes it easier for our customers to see, understand, and act on their data insights. Here are some highlights you’ll find in the apps:

  • Connect to relevant vizzes on the go with personalized recommendations—powered by machine learning and surfaced in a dedicated Home tab.
  • Immediately access all your favorite vizzes alongside the ability to browse and search all the content on the site.
  • Favorite vizzes have local copies downloaded as interactive previews, which load faster and offer interactivity when offline.
  • Get to your dashboards and metrics quickly with improved mobile deep linking, whether you use Tableau Server or Tableau Online.
  • Enjoy powerful search and browsing experiences that reflect the project hierarchy and structure found in Tableau Server and Tableau Online.

With the release of these apps, we are empowering enterprise organizations and our users with the perfect way to visualize, analyze, and leverage data to grow their business, in a secure way all while operating remotely.

With the rapid changing landscape of mobile devices, apps and access to corporate data, the importance of enterprise security is even more top of mind for organizations as they plan their mobile deployments. At Tableau we have, and continue to be committed to our core values of trustcustomer success, and innovation to help people see and understand their data securely on their mobile devices no matter where they are—at home, or soon, back in the skies!

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