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What is Zcash?

Zcash is a cryptocurrency that can be transacted anonymously, with no address information visible on the public ledger record.

Zcash is a special and easily transactable cryptocurrency that derives value from the ability toallow private transactions within a public blockchain. Relying on a cutting-edge zk-SNARKS system that takes advantage of zero-knowledge proofs, transactions in Zcash can occur with algorithmically significant certainty of their validity without revealing their contents. 

For privacy-focused individuals, that means payments can be made to Zcash wallets, which are verifiable and safe yet exempt from broadcasting the addresses or amounts involved. Transactions can be sent either with “t-addresses” (i.e., transparent) or “z-addresses” (i.e., semi-transparent) to adjust their level of metadata contained. All applications using Zcash treat each coin equally despite its transaction history, just like cash.

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